Noise  CAncelling  Tuning   system

The Reinert Noise Canceling Tuning System enables tuning in noisy or unfavorable conditions. The direct sound pick up at the sound- board via contact microphone, in conjunction with noise canceling headphones, reduces ambient noise to a minimum, and adverse reverb/echo is eliminated entirely. The volume can be adjusted independently of the playing level. This allows the instrument to be almost entirely de-coupled from its acoustic environment, which allows for a significantly improved tunability. Typical applications are concert stages,music venues,churches and halls, music schools, trade shows, gymnasiums and outdoor events. The Reinert Noise Canceling Tuning System reduces the stress resulting from tuning in adverse conditions and makes the piano technician’s work easier. It protects the tuner’s hearing while enables better tunings in noisy environments.


The amplifier receives the microphone input and conveys it to the headphones.



The headphones incorporate active noise canceling technology. The ambient noise is reduced by up to 22 dB.


The contact microphone picks up the piano sound directly at the soundboard. The micro- phone is secured n place by means of a tuning wedge, between the soundboard and piano plate or the back posts.


Reinert Noise Canceling Tuning System


- Noise Canceling Headphones

- Adapter for Airline Audio Systems

- Carrying Case

- AAA Battery for Headphones

- Black Box (Amplifier)

- Contact Microphone

- 4 x AAA Batteries for Amplifier

- Patch cords