Installing the Reinert Upright Fallboard Decelerator


The Fallboard Decelerator can be positioned anywhere along the fallboard hinge.  Tests with 50.000 closing cycles have been  carried out successfully on heavy fallboards with the Fallboard Decelerator situated only 10 cm (4 inches) from the end of the fallboard. We recommend installing the Fallboard Decelerator near the middle of the hinge, or above middle C, to equalize the distribution of forces along the hinge.

1. Layout: Lay the centering guide on the hinge flap attached to the sill. The Decelerator should be as close as possible to the hinge pivot point. Mark the hole location lightly with the 4 mm brad point drill bit. Use the 13 mm brad point drill bit to further center punch the hole location

2. Drill the hole for the Decelerator unit through the hinge and the sill using the 13 mm drill. Be sure to drill straight and perpendicular to the hinge and sill. 
3. Insert the centering guide into the 13 mm with the bevel facing out.

4. Fold the fallboard down to its “Closed” position. Drill the hole for the pressure pin into the fallboard, taking care to drill straight and perpendicular into the edge of the fallboard.
a) Drill through the sill and the centering guide using the long 4 mm drill bit.       

b) If the depth of the sill is too great, mark the hole using the long 4 mm bit as above, or use the 13 mm bit without  the centering guide. Then open the fallboard and drill the hole with the 4 mm drill bit.

When drilling through brass (in continuous piano hinges) and/or polyester finishes, the entry to the hole must be relieved by drilling with the 5 mm bit.  This helps to prevent damage to the hinge or the piano finish when screwing in the pressure pin.

5.Screw in the pressure pin using the custom wrench.  Slide the decelerator unit into the 13 mm hole.

6. Adjust the fallboard closing speed. The Decelerator comes adjusted to suit the weight of most fallboards. If necessary, the speed can be adjusted with a screwdriver from the rear of the unit.

Clockwise: more slowly
Counter clockwise: more quickly

The speed is to be adjusted such that the Decelerator “gives” or “slips” under extra pressure while closing.  The closing time should take ca. 3 Sec. This helps to avoid damage to the fallboard, sill, or piano hinge.

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